2024 Vertigo Nitro RS

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The debut of the Vertigo Nitro RS marks a milestone in Vertigo Motors’ high-performance motorcycle racing. The latest RS2 models have been enhanced with multiple technical upgrades.

At Vertigo Motors we work towards improving the present, but with our sights set further ahead. Hence, the technical team continually seeks new enhancements to propel the brand to the forefront of trials, particularly in terms of innovation. Our drive stems not only from passion but also from the collective experience of our team members.

The technical advancements we’re unveiling have undergone thorough testing by the Vertigo Motors test team. Our aim is to deliver a genuinely efficient product that surpasses all previous standards, ensuring an enhanced experience for all our customers.

The new Nitro RS2 introduces several new features honed in the most challenging competitions, including the rigorous long-distance trials like the Scottish Six Days Trial, the Scott Trial, and the Three Days of Santigosa – all clinched by Vertigo riders. Additionally, it draws from the diverse trials of the TrialGP and X-Trial World Championship, in which Vertigo Motors participated during the 2023 season.

The 2024 Nitro RS, known as the RS2, represents a significant enhancement over its predecessors, the Nitro RS and RSR, which had set the new standard for the green brand. The Nitro RS2 emerges as the latest racing weapon from Vertigo Motors.

The powerhouse of the Vertigo Nitro RS2, its potent engine, has undergone significant improvements, particularly in management. The power maps have been revised to optimize performance. However, one of the most notable improvements that the new Nitro RS2 presents is the ‘onboard 0 TPS’. Onboard 0 TPS facilitates the maintenance of the injection body by allowing the calibration of the TPS by simply using the “man overboard”, eliminating the need for a computer.

The chassis boasts several new enhanced features, including a lighter frame brace design that also facilitates radiator cooling, along with the updated rear subframe featured on the new Vertigo Nitro. Additionally, the rear suspension height has been reevaluated to ensure more efficient response. True to form, the fork remains from Tech Factory.

Models: 125cc, 225cc, 250cc, and 300cc

Weight 225 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 16 × 46 in

125, 225, 250, 300


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