Hop on a Segway for a tour that shows you some of the sights, history, and culture to be discovered in Lahaina. When done, join us for a 60 minute reef tour on a glass bottom boat in West Maui.


Visit monumental and panoramic places in Lahaina, Maui. Learn about the culture and heritage from your Segway tour guide and take back unforgettable memories.

2 hours
Beauty of Lahaina town

Glide through the ocean shore, Kaanapali, in Lahaina feeling the gentle sea breeze and the music of the rhythmic tides crashing in the shore and a beautiful scenery for your eyes to feast upon. Segway Lahaina – Kaanapali Ocean Shore tour in Maui by Segway Maui.

3 hours – The Best Ocean side tour on Maui !

Having a light stroll with your partner embracing each other lightly and bathing in the golden rays of the setting sun, is living the dream and the dream is even better if you are not walking but gliding on a Segway PT. Best Segway PT tour for couples of all ages. Best Maui sunset is on a Segway PT.

3 hours – The Best Sunset tour on Maui !

Don’t leave anyone behind. Gather the troops around and jump on your Segway PT for an exciting tour around the Lahaina with them all. Fun-filled Segway PT tour for the whole family in Lahaina, Maui by Segway Maui.

2 hours – Discounted for families – Glide and Save

Customize the tour yourself. Get the maximum out of your own settings on Segway PT private tour. Segway PT Private tours in Maui, Hawaii to go to places you desire the most and we recommend would best suit your tastes.

Custom tailored Segway PT Private tours – 4 hours

Door to door transportation is available during the booking process for $99.98 Round Trip / person

The Lahaina shuttle is also available during the booking process for $20.00 Round Trip / person

Do you want to explore scenic waterfronts, visit historic monuments, or spend your holiday going from place to place on SEGWAY?…

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Book a Segway Maui Tour, The Best Tour Ever

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a self-balancing Segway® Personal Transporter (PT)? At Segway Maui, we provide guided Segway PT Tours by highly trained professional guides with the best knowledge of the area. That way you can enjoy the ride and learn about the local history at the same time. Simply, lean forward to go forward and lean back to stop. Book a Segway PT tour with us and discover the town, famous landmarks and nearby iconic sights and charms that Maui has to offer in this unique way – on a Segway PT. A Segway PT is a simple machine that anyone can easily master in no time. You will quickly find yourself riding like an expert, enjoying the local beauty and having a ton of fun. So, book your Segway PT Tour Now for those breathtaking experiences you’ve never had experienced before.

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore scenic waterfronts, visit historic monuments, or spend your holiday going from place to place – all while effortlessly gliding on a Segway PT? Well now you can with us!

Segway Maui Tours meet our high standards for providing customers a safe and memorable experience and are recognized as providing the highest quality tour in their area. All of our Segway of Maui Tours deliver the utmost in safety and training – providing fun instruction, smaller guide-to-glider ratio, and in-depth knowledge of technical and practical usage.

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