Best Segway Tours in Maui

Segway PT Guided Tours

Enjoy the exciting ride on a Segway, glide through the pedestrians in the old whaling town and visit the monumental and panoramic places of the Island. Segway PT guided tours is one of the best tours in Maui for an open group of people.

Activities on Maui

Segway PT Private Tours

If you want privacy and/or stay away from the commotion of the crowd, Segway PT private tours is the best tours in Maui for a closed group enjoyment. Enjoy your ride on amazing Segway personal transporter with your personal Segway guide.

Segway Private Tours in Maui, 9

Self-Guided Electric Bicycle Tour

Enjoy the lush greenery of the town and the picturesque ocean view in a healthy and pollution free transportation with electric hybrid bicycle from Segway Maui. Have a relaxed ride on your bicycle and visit the places you want to visit the most on your tours in Maui.

Transportation for a Segway Tour or Rentals

You have to commute a small distance to start the Segway PT tours in Maui. This has been eased up for you, you can choose Door to Door transportation or just Shuttle in Lahaina for a Segway experience or rental services on the island.

Segway Maui Transportation