Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) Tours is a family possessed business. Segway Maui acquaints the Segway PT Maui tours on Segway PT with the islands of Hawaii as an option answer for transportation to help lessen clog and contamination when fuel costs proceed to rise and ecological mindfulness is on the brains of numerous Hawaiian nationals. The Segway PT offers riders the capacity to accuse the Segway PT of under 20 cents of power and give a scope of up to 24 miles on a solitary charge. Notwithstanding giving a green contrasting option to every day workers and errand runners, the Segway PT can be an important instrument for la requirement, security, and numerous different sorts of substantial and independent company.

Ever pondered what it resembles to investigate grand waterfronts, visit memorable landmarks, or spend your vacation going from place to put – all while easily floating on a Segway Personal Transporter (PT)? Well now you can with Segway Maui!

Segway PT Tours in Maui meet our high standards for providing customers a safe and memorable experience and are recognized as providing the highest quality tour in their area. All of our Segway PT Tours deliver the utmost in safety and training – providing fun instruction, smaller guide-to-glider ratio, and in-depth knowledge of technical and practical usage.

Segway Maui is Segway Authorized Dealership and Service Center, we’re able to help you to find out what Segway product would fit your needs or help you with a service or parts ordering. See our website for more information and don’t forget to discover new items from newest Segway production.

Enough about Segway PT. Segway Maui is also Authorized dealership for electric bicycles, you can rent or purchase on our website. We supply parts and take care of a service as well.