Segway Personal Transporter

Optimize your staff’s visibility and your facility’s productivity with the impressive Segway PT for Work, Segway i2.

See more. Accomplish more. Move better. With the versatile Segway PT for work, Segway i2, your staff travels with comfort, ease, and unparalleled flexibility, making all your applications streamlined and thorough. 8-inches of added height allows your crew to see and be seen, and its lightweight, easy-to-stow design makes it portable, compact, and efficient when on the go. So whatever your business or facility needs, you can trust the i2 will meet them.

Segway PT for Work: An Effective and Reassuring Presence of Security

The Segway PT is ideal transportation solution for corporate and private security. Security personnel who use the Segway PT merge seamlessly into their surroundings – from crowded airport terminals to busy corporate campuses. Segway PT for work entitled to a patrol guard in these crowded and huge campuses is a lifesaver in the truest essence.

International Airport with Segway PT

We found that the officers on the units got emergency calls three to four minutes faster than the other officers. We also found that the public is attracted to an officer on the Segway like a bear to honey, which greatly improves our community relations and increases our security presence. The futuristic transport tool adds not only to the efficiency but also to the charm of the personnel, Segway PT for work shows best communicative responses among the public.

Emergency Response Indoors and Out

The Segway PT has Developed a unique role in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) urban environment. With it’s battery powered operation, non-marking tires and no emissions producing silent propulsion. Futuristic as well as Eco-friendly, increasing the efficiency even in the medical facilities.

Segway PT for Work | Security Officer on Patrol