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Segway PT for Advertising

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Segway PT for Life

Segway For Team Building

It is a proven fact that exciting and thrilling experiences bring people closer. Segway for team building is the best option in Maui, Hawai’i. The exciting Segway tours along the busy streets of Lahaina or a scenic tour of the old whaling town will strengthen the bonds among the individuals. They will get well acquainted with each other. This will sow the seed of fellowship within the individuals, which they will nurture together as a team. Human curiosity to have a better perspective along with the mystical beauty of Maui work together as the catalyst to boost the teamwork and enhance their productivity.

SegwayMaui can help arrange a tour for the team under the expert and outgoing supervision of Segway guides and help in team building. Enjoy the scenic Maui or the exciting glide through the busy streets, make connections with others stronger with each passing moment.

Segway for Corporate Events

Liven up the monotonous corporate events with Segway rides. Glide through the crowd, make unforgettable memories with the colleagues, and most of all, be proficient in riding a Segway. A lively event to get away from the stress that is built up over the week. Moreover, you have earned this moment of enjoyment.

Capture and frame this moment to tell its tale to the grand kids or to share with the family and friends during the dinner.

SegwayMaui can help you arrange a phenomenal Corporate event, where you can glide along with your friends and colleagues and make unforgettable memories all through the event.

Segway PT for work and Advertisement

Segway PT is the futuristic tool for commuting within the short distance. Its portability and Eco-friendly nature has made it a plausible partner for commute even within a closed building. So, it is the best choice for the guards to patrol the outside as well as the inside of a building. The charging is easy and carrying it on the stairs is even easier. Many big establishments like malls and amusement parks have already assigned Segway Patrols in their guard duty. This not only is easy for the guards to get from one place to other but also faster than running around the crowd.

Segway is not only good for commuting but also for advertising. Put up a banner in the front, dress appropriately, and carry the goodies to be distributed, you not only promote the product but also the business. Moreover, nobody gets tired. Reach more people with the same energy and zeal that you started with.

Many new roles are evolving and coming to the picture for the futuristic personal transporter like Segway for team building and corporate events, advertisements, work, and life.