Segway Driver’s License – souvenir you must have!

BE COOL! Get your Segway license today! Segway Driver’s license is the coolest souvenir from your Hawaii vacation. If you Segwayed in Hawaii you should get the Segway Driver’s license. You can even get the license from your home state. SHOW the world YOU CARE about our ECO system! Prove yourself as new age ECO friendly lover. Become a certificated Segway rider! Segway license is a photo Id that shows that you’r cool enough to ride a Segway. Driver’s licenses made by Segway Maui are the real deal, made on same plastic like your real car driver’s license, very durable with UV finish for long time usage.
Go Green, Go Segway, Go Segway Maui.
Never try Segway? This is your best opportunity ever. feel the difference, there is nothing like Segway – we guarantee!
Demonstration, including personal orientation by a trained professional staff. We will teach you the basics on how to ride a Segway, the “Bike of the Future”. Staff will assist you with becoming familiar with the Segway until you are comfortable enough to ride. Your safety and enjoyment is a #1 priority. The excursions offer a more personalized experience with 6 riders maximum per training; if you have more in your group, however, we can accommodate you by arranging two training times.
Take best segway experience in Lahaina through segway rides are fun-filled trips in the town that you can enjoy without breaking a sweat. Receive expert instruction & training on how to ride a Segway.
Select your favorite pictures and let us frame them for you. Get HQ video from your training on a DVD or Blu-Ray (Additional charge apply)