Maui is a magical place that keeps you preoccupied with one thing or the other. The friendly locals and the guides, the bustling hotspots on the old Whaling town will captivate you and refrain you from leaving. Although leaving is inevitable, SegwayMaui souvenirs can help ease some of the pain and also, to boast about your phenomenal vacationing in the Hawaiian Island.

SegwayMaui Souvenirs and More

Boast of your Maui vacations back home with SegwayMaui Souvenirs and more. We love to be your tour partner. The colorful souvenir t-shirts on your Segway tours, the various Segway Licenses earned during your tryst with the futuristic personal transporter on the Island or the mementos of the places you visited to keep the memories lifelike. Framed photos and edited videos, remember each passing day on the Hawaiian Island with a native touch.

Customized T-Shirts and Special Segway License

Wrack your brains and create your own full colored t-shirt here at Segway Maui. Show your love for the Island or the beloved, be the trendsetter among your group of friends, customize to create a unique memento.

Enjoy a thrilling ride on the Road to Hana on a Segway and most of all, live to tell the tale. The SegwayMaui Souvenir will help you keep it fresh for eternity. Visit for best Segway tours in the old whaling town and amazing Souvenirs to reminisce about it back home.