Vemar Body Armor AM-05

Introducing the Vemar Body Armor AM-05, a high-quality body armor vest designed for motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, and other sports enthusiasts. This professional-grade protective gear is brand new and offers optimal safety during various outdoor activities.

Suitable for sports like cycling, motocross, skateboarding, skiing, and more, this chest protector is essential for protecting your chest and back spine. It ensures maximum coverage and follows your body’s movements for enhanced protection.

The chest protector features a snap-on design, allowing for easy removal and adjustment. The lining and plastic case can be easily detached for cleaning and maintenance.

With its adjustable width and length, this one-size-fits-all chest protector can be customized to your body size using the fastener on the sides.

The Vemar Body Armor AM-05 combines comfort and flexibility, enabling you to focus on your performance. Stay safe and secure during thrilling outdoor adventures with this reliable body armor vest.

Gear up with the Vemar Body Armor AM-05 and experience professional-grade protection. Trust Vemar to prioritize your safety during exhilarating activities.

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 8 in

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