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Segway Maui Sunset tour

Segway Maui Sunset Tour

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3 hours – The Best Sunset Tour in Maui!

The Best Sunset tour on Maui! Enjoy the picturesque Hawaiian oceanfront sunset while you glide through on a Segway PT. End your day in the paradise on a perfect note while watching the sunset. Great tour for couples as well as for the whole family, for its tranquility in the intoxicating scenery.

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Segway Private Tours in Maui,

Segway PT Private Tours on Maui, Hawaii

  • Customize your Segway PT Private tours in Maui for a unique experience within your closest circle.
  • Keep the famous Segway Maui “Don’t Hit Me” T-shirt or a Trucker Hat as a souvenir – FREE of charge with direct booking
  • You can decide where to go according to your taste in traveling and have the most fun with a Segway PT in Maui.
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