SEGWAY MAUI – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to many of the frequently asked questions Segway of Maui recieves. You will find various questions and their respective answers concerning everything from riding a Segway to servicing it. This page should definitely be a resource to all of our visitors.

What is a Segway?

A Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-operated human transportation vehicle. It is operated in a standing position. It should not be confused with a scooter, or cegway. It is a non-motorized, eco-friendly machine that uses renewable credit energy during its operation. The Segway leaves no carbon footprint on the environment. Go Green, Go Segway, Go Segway Maui!

Is it safe?

Absolutely! The marvelous thing about a Segway is that it contains a gyroscope – allowing the machine to self-balance in response to the rider’s movements. After just a few minutes of our safety and operational training, you’ll see how easy and effortless riding a Segway can be!

Is a Segway easy to ride?

A Segway is not only easy to ride, but it’s also a lot of fun! Imagine covering a lot of territory – without expending a lot of energy. That’s the beauty of riding a Segway. They’re clean, quiet, and you stand above the crowds. That makes for great views, even if you’re short! Couple that with our tour guide’s narration, and you’ve got a fun and effortless way to take in the sights!

Can children ride?

Riding a Segway is safe, even for children. However, we do require that all riders be at least 10 years of age. All riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are there any weight limitations?

Each rider must weigh at least 85 pounds and no more than 260 pounds.

Are there people who should NOT participate?

It is not recommended that pregnant women and any person with health restrictions, seizure disorders, intolerance or sensitivity to extreme heat and sun, or persons who have had recent prosthetic surgery participate in this activity. Riders must be capable of standing for extended periods of time. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited from riding.

How fast do the Segway go?

The Segway have different levels of operation. The biginner level will limit the Segway to maximum of 6 miles per hour. The intermediate level will limit the Segway to maximum of 12.5 miles per hour. During The training session, new Segway riders will start on the bigenner level. Once everyone is comfortable, we will move up to the intermediate level for the durativ of the tour.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes. All participants must sign a waiver at the start of the tour and bring a photo ID with them if they are age 18 or older. Participants under the age of 18 need to have a parent or guardian co-sign with them.

Will you teach me how to use the Segway?

Yes, each person will undergo a 30 minute orientation and hands-on training session to ensure a safe and fun Segway PT glide is enjoyed by all.

How do I make a reservation?

Just give us a call at 808-661-8284. All reservations require a credit card deposit.

When should I reserve?

Our tours fill up fast, especially in the summer months. We recommend booking as soon as possible.

Will I need anything on the day of my tour?

Yes, everyone 18 and over will need a picture I.D. There are also plenty of beautiful sights to capture along the way, so bring a camera!

Do I have to wear a helmet?

It is our policy to require all gliders to wear a helmet and bright colored reflective vests.

Should I tip my tour guide?

Gratuity for your guide is not included in your reservation fee. As in any service business, although not required, a tip is extremely appreciated!

Are restrooms available?

There are public restroom stops along the tour route. If you should need to stop, please let your guides know and they will try to accommodate you.

Will I be able to take pictures along the way?

Yes!! You’ll have plenty of photo opportunities along the way!

Do Segways have the ability to store bags, purses?

They have the ability to transport necessary items like cameras and medications. However, it is advised you keep your personal items to a minimum as the storage capacity is VERY limited.

How much time of the tour is actually spent on a Segway?

The majority of the time will be on the Segway. You start with a 30 minute training session and then ride on the Segway for most of the tour. There will be a few stops for the group to take pictures and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Can I rent a Segway on my own?

Even if you’ve been on a Segway before, we do not rent Segways without our guide. We do this for your safety.

Why you don’t fall over ?

Curious why you don’t fall over while standing still on, or riding a Segway? The Segway is truly a marvel of modern technology. It is the world’s first self-balancing human transporter. It uses a process called dynamic stabilization to keep you upright at all times.

Tour does not include hotel pick up, however it could be arranged. 16 years and younger, but minimum 10 years old, must be accompanied by an adult & adult must sign an insurance waiver. Reserve online, or call us at 808-661-8284.