Bumper Offer! Kids Pay Half the Price for Our Segway PT Tours

Segway 50off

The Segway PT tours offer an original, enjoyable, and eco-friendly way to explore the whole of Maui in style. The Segway adventure is the one-of-its-kind experience and it’s now in Maui. The adventure starts with in-depth training from our certified Segway PT guide trainers. They will go over the skills and drills for everything you will need to know before heading out on your Segway adventure. Contact Segway Maui and get the chance to quickly enjoy the Maui surroundings while getting the opportunity to fully explore the areas on the wheels-of-future-ride, Segway PT.

However, the bumper offer is here with Segway Maui for kids. Yes; you heard it right! The ‘Kids Pay Half Price’ offer is simply outstanding and a better choice to let them hang around. Our kids pay half price tag on Segway tours in Maui has become a popular hobby and we believe the reason behind its popularity is its unbelievable technology. We are passionate about your Segway experience.

Choose your starting time or make it private. The whole family will love it and ride it like a pro – that’s Segway Maui guarantee! We are official dealer of Segway PT guided tours. After receiving training, get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Book a Segway to enjoy the beautiful scenery Maui has to offer like you never have before. If you would like to book an advanced Segway tour for the whole family including kids, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 808-661-8284. We strive to give you a day full of enjoyment and a happy Segway tour experience.