Electric Bike Tour in Lahaina Lahaina Historic Town Tour on Electric Bicycle in Maui, Hawaii

What to do in Hawaii? Imagine your smile when you cruise uphill on your electric bicycle, leaving fatigue behind. You’ll also leave the days of sweaty cycling behind you. Ride on an electric commuter bike without looking like you came from the gym. Electric bikes are quiet, environmentally friendly and fun to ride.

After a brief safety training you will start the adventure. On our self guided tour you will cruise on our electric hybrid bicycles through eventful streets of Lahaina. You will be discovering the history of Lahaina as well as finding out where to shop, eat and entertain yourself. Take as many stops as you want to take pictures as well.

Often called the “jewel in the crown of Maui,” Lahaina is a destination that is experienced by two million people, or 83% of all Maui visitors, annually. Lahaina town is the second most visited spot on Maui after beaches. On our Segway Tour you will visit the historic town, which is nestled between the calm waters of the Auau Channel facing Lana’i island and the fertile peaks and valleys of Mauna Kahalawai (West Maui mountain range). Lahaina has provided a home for many cultures over the centuries, always welcoming visitors to its inviting shores.

When the first Polynesian settlers arrived at these shores well over a thousand years ago, Lahaina offered them abundant freshwater streams, verdant valleys with fertile volcanic soil, warm, sunny days and a pristine, bountiful sea. Even today, much of this can still be said of Lahaina. Steeped in a history which consistently documents its progress from one era to another, Lahaina has retained a flavor of each to this day. Over 18,000 full-time residents call Lahaina home. Now you know what to do in Hawaii, what to do in Maui.


  • Helmets / Reflective Safety Vests
  • Battery Charger and power cable (if rented for more days)
  • Bicycle Car Rack (if rented for more days)